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Press Releases

Recent & Historical

Frankfurt am Main, 31.07.2013

Merz Pharma takes over Swiss dermatology specialist Neocutis

Merz Pharma Group (Frankfurt am Main) today announced that it has acquired the Swiss pharmaceutical company Neocutis S.A. The acquisition of the company`s cosmeceutical skin care business strengthens Merz`s market position in the field of aesthetic dermatology.

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Castres, Frankfurt am Main, 06.09.2012

Pierre Fabre and Merz Sign Aesthetic Dermatology Agreement Merz Takes Over Injectable Glytone® Products

In accordance with the announcement made on May 9th, pharmaceuticals laboratories Pierre Fabre (France) and Merz Pharmaceuticals (Germany) have signed a partnership agreement on the marketing of Glytone® products. Under this agreement, Merz Group acquires the Glytone® range of injectable hyaluronic acid products used to fill wrinkles, as well as several accompanying dermo-cosmetic products. Merz becomes owner of the global rights to Glytone® injectable hyaluronic acid products and the non-US rights to the other products of the brand.

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Castres, Frankfurt am Main, 14.05.2012

Pierre Fabre and Merz in exclusive negotiations to collaborate in Aesthetics – Merz planning to take on Glytone® filler range

Pierre Fabre (France) and Merz Pharmaceuticals (Germany) today announced the kick-off of exclusive negotiations to collaborate in aesthetics. Initially, Merz intends to acquire Glytone’s® fillers, a unique family of hyaluronic acid injectables to reduce wrinkles and their accompanying dermo-cosmetic products.

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Frankfurt am Main, 19.03.2012

U.S. court restricts sale of Xeomin and dermal fillers in the U.S.

The Merz Pharma Group today confirmed that its two US subsidiaries Merz Aesthetics Inc. and Merz Pharmaceuticals LLC will for now not be allowed to market Xeomin or its dermal fillers in the U.S. market without restrictions.

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